Lindsay + Nick at High Country Conference Center – Flagstaff Wedding

Lindsay and Nick’s flagstaff wedding was just stunning. The day was perfect for a wedding 🙂 DePoy Studios joined these two love birds for their High Country Conference Center wedding. They had a traditional Jewish wedding with some beautiful old school traditions you don’t see every day. Here are some of our favorite images from this one of a kind Flagstaff Wedding!

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Flagstaff, DePoy Studios, wedding, photographer, photography, image, Arizona  Jewish, photographer, photography, wedding, Flagstaff

First look!

Photographer, Flagstaff, wedding, Jewish, DePoy Studios

Jewish wedding photographer, photography, image, Flagstaff, DePoy Studios

Flagstaff, Jewish, wedding, photographer, photography, DePoy Studios

It was hard for Lindsay to hold back her tiers of joy.

Flagstaff, Arizona, Wedding, photographer, photography, images, DePoy Studios

High Country wedding photographer, photography, DePoy Studios, Flagstaff

DePoy Studios loves all grandparents and the love they bring at a wedding.

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Mom could not stop crying that her baby boy is all grown up and in love with a terrific girl!

Jewish, photographer, wedding, photography, image, Flagstaff, High Courtney Conference Center

There is nothing more that melts our hearts than a father daughter dance.

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Jewish, wedding, photographer, photography, image, Flagstaff, Arizona

We could not of had a better time at Lindsay and Nick’s wedding! Thank you both for allowing us to join you as your Flagstaff wedding photographers!

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