Casey + Zack at Flagstaff Ranch | Flagstaff Wedding

Casey and Zack tied the knot at Flagstaff Ranch!  DePoy Studios had a blast as their Flagstaff wedding photographers! Their country style wedding was full of line dancing, friends killin it on the dance floor, and family who loved them. Casey was a beautiful bride and Zack was handsome as every. Here are some of our favorite images from their Flagstaff wedding.

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Meet the beautiful bride, Casey!

Flagstaff, wedding, photography, photographer, DePoy Studios

Flagstaff, Flagstaff Ranch, Wedding, photographer, photography, Arizona, DePoy Studios

Meet the groom, Zack!

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Flagstaff, Photographer, Photography, wedding, engagement, DePoy Studios

DePoy Studios, Flagstaff wedding, photographer, photography

First time Zack sees his stunning bride!

Flagstaff, Photography, photographer, wedding, DePoy Studios

Flagstaff Ranch, Wedding, photographer, photography

Time to have some fun with the bridal party 🙂

Flagstaff, Wedding, Photography, Image, Arizona

Flagstaff, Wedding, Photographer, Photography, DePoy Studios

Zack is on a S.W.A.T team and Casey is putting his skills to the test! She had him pinned.

DePoy Studios, Flagstaff, wedding, photographer, photography

Wedding, photographer, photography, Arizona, Flagstaff Ranch

First dance at Flagstaff Ranch.

Flagstaff, photographer, photography, wedding, DePoy Studios

Flagstaff Ranch, Wedding, image, Photographer, photography

Flagstaff wedding photographer, photography, DePoy Studios, Arizona

Arizona, Flagstaff, photography, photographer, Wedding, imagesWe had a blast at Casey and Zack’s Flagstaff wedding!

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Hair and Makeup by Northern Arizona Glam Squad